February 21, 2018

What's your Wakanda plan after Black Panther

Behold the gleaming Wakanda city.

If you are non-wakanda you probably can't afford such high-end technology. Shattering all records and second only to Avengers, the blank panther movie.

According to the movie, as a citizens of Wakanda (Which in real life, a city in the East Coast of Africa), you have the best of everything life can offer you from: technology, fashion, global privacy, hot people.

In a scene in the movie, sister and technological mastermind Shuri leads the Black Panther in his bulletproof black-cat suit (her older brother T’Challa) through her lab, filled with gadgets non-Wakandans can only dream of. Before showing him a pair of ultra-quiet high tops she created for him to use in combat, Shuri takes a moment to make fun of the sandals T’Challa is currently wearing by shouting “What are thooooose!” a reference to the famed 2015 Vine turned super meme in which a police officer is swiftly ridiculed for his ugly shoes. The joke was a well-timed, moment of lightness in the film and the most successful comic book movie meme reference I know of. 

Referencing vine biggest videos has it was logged by The Daily Dot and Elite Daily is and was a great move by the movie producers especially considering the movie’s importance to Hollywood and black pop culture lovers today.