March 27, 2018

Rotimi Akinosho

Rotimi Akinosho

Singer and TV show ‘Power’ Actor Rotimi Akinosho put a pen to paper with Pantheon

Destined for the spotlight - Well what would you expect when your mum was told by Veteran legend Bob Marley that her was going to continue his legacy. Rotimi doesn’t do reggae. Today with very thin or fading line between genres of music, one can see the star in the sky.

The Maplewood-born actor of a Nigeria parent who currently co-stars on the Starz TV drama Power, has switch allegiance and representation to Pantheon for his service. Previously at UTA, the actor’s credits include a series regular post on the short-lived Starz series Boss.

The Nigerian-American singer, real name Olurotimi Akinosho is set to repeat his part as Dre on the upcoming fifth season of Power and will appear in the Brett Dono who-directed thriller Acts Of Violence opposite Bruce Willis and Mike Epps. He will continue to be repped by Category 5 Entertainment, Glow Connection, and attorney John Meigs, Jr.