February 17, 2019

NYPD Officer threatened 50 Cent Asked his fellows to shoot him on Sight

NYPD Officer threatened 5...

Emanuel Gonzalez, is the New York policer officer who purportedly advised his individual officers to shoot 50 Cent, TMZ reports.

Gonzalez made the comment last year in June 2018 amid move call at the 72nd Precinct. Fif was set to go to a NYPD confining boxing match in the Bronx, which incited Gonzalez to state, "Shoot him without hesitation."

Gonzalez and 50 have hamburger, as indicated by the Daily News. The prior month, Gonzalez recorded an irritated provocation grumbling claiming 50 threatened him on Instagram. 50 had asserted Gonzalez was blameworthy of "shaking down" the proprietor of one of 50's most loved clubs. A while later, Fif composed on Instagram, "Get the tie," as per Gonzalez. The inscription was one of 50's catchphrases all through 2018.

Despite the fact that the cop has said it was just a joke, the episode was accounted for to his bosses in his area of expertise and is being researched by Internal Affairs. Gonzalez is still on dynamic obligation subsequent to being a cop for a long time.

50's rep told TMZ, "Mr. Jackson considers this danger important and is counseling with his lawful direction in regards to his alternatives going ahead. He is worried that he was not recently instructed with respect to this risk by the NYPD and significantly increasingly worried that Gonzalez keeps on conveying an identification and a weapon."