April 13, 2018

Gaia Giordani joins Entertale as Head of Strategic Partnership

Gaia Giordani joins Enter...

At Entertale, we are pleased to announce Gaia Giordani as Head of Strategic Partnerships. With her experience in media and entertainment services, Gaia brings a deep network, particularly in Europe, and breadth of industry knowledge to Entertale.

In her role at Entertale, Gaia will be monitoring and managing the relationships with the key partners and identifying opportunities for new alliances  utilizing her business relationships. She will be focused on finding the right companies that share Entertale’s niche focus approach and building programs that are impactful and aimed at driving shared success.

“Entertale is thrilled to welcome Gaia’s to the team. She will be a crucial member, helping to find partners  that share our passion for African  digital media and entertainment,” said Entertale CEO Bamidele Adetayo. “This all starts with good conversations and Gaia’s curious nature for African digital media and entertainment pairs perfectly with Entertale’s mission of using digital media to promote African business, news, and entertainment around the world.”

 About Entertale

Entertale is a pan African social internet television based in Katy, Texas.  Entertale specializes in and provides streaming media and video-on-demand online. The company has operations in Katy, Texas, US and Lagos, Nigeria. For more information on the Company visit: www.entertale.com