March 27, 2019

Ed Sheeran make it count perfect in Joburg performance with hits like Perfect and Castle

Ed Sheeran make it count ...

Global star Ed Sheeran delivered a perfect performance at the Saturday event of his Divide Tour in South Africa at the FNB Stadium.

Concert goers also experienced a much safer and more organised event since the debacle of the Global Citizen Concert last year, where visitors stood in queues for hours and were later assaulted and mugged on their way out.

Gangs apparently corralled crowds into groups and accosted and stole their belongings while police looked on, doing nothing.

But it was different on Saturday as Johannesburg Metro Police were on duty from 10am at intersections leading to the concert, and stadium security ensured swift movement in and out of entrances.

Uber urged all concertgoers to wait at designated pick up zones when hailing transport in order to avoid criminal activity.

Many concertgoers also opted to take the park and ride service as well as the Gautrain, thus reducing traffic to the venue.

Police performed bag searches and several ticket checks before anyone could enter the venue.


There was also a JMPD chopper flying overhead to scan the ground.

Sheeran performed for over an hour and a half without taking a break, delivering hits like Castle on the Hill, Perfect and Photograph to an appreciative crowd.

With just his guitar in hand, he proved why he’s considered one of the best in the business right now.

In breaks he entertained the audience with small stories and appreciation for being able to play in Joburg.

He said that over the years he’d come to recognise two types of audiences at his shows – those who love his songs and those who are there because they’ve been dragged along by someone they know. In the second category he mentioned boyfriends and “superdads” who were chaperoning their kids.

“But you’re out here giving your time up on a Saturday night because it makes the person you love happy, and that’s great,” he said.

At the end of the show he performed his hit Shape of You wearing a Springbok Jersey.

The opening acts were local pop star Shekhinah and UK singer Passenger.