February 18, 2019

Cops discover their Car Tires Slashed During Raid at Soulja Boy's House

Cops discover their Car T...

The police who struck Soulja Boy's home a week ago later found their tires sliced, as per TMZ. Specialists have opened a second examination that embroils the rapper. The principal examination includes a claim that Soulja seized one of his exes. Following the allegation, law implementation acquired a court order for Soulja's home.

While the cops were looking through the home, somebody cut the feels burnt out on three plain squad cars. A crime vandalism examination is in progress. Specialists don't have the foggiest idea if the tire cutting is identified with anybody Soulja knows.

With respect to the next examination: Soulja is coordinating and the cops took a few things amid their assault, as indicated by TMZ.

Not long ago, Soulja Boy had supposedly beat and abducted a lady in his home after both of them got into a warmed contention.

Kayla endeavored to leave the property after the contention on early Saturday and cut the check while pulling out of the garage. Soulja's right hand purportedly observed the episode and both of them began battling before the rapper turned out to split it up. Kayla has affirmed that Soulja punched and kicked her while she was on the ground before binds her up to a seat in his carport with an electrical rope and detaining her for six hours.

When she was discharged later that morning, Kayla said that she cracked three ribs and experienced a blackout the supposed attack. Law implementation have affirmed that there's a "functioning examination" into a hijacking report recorded that Saturday morning. Soulja has since denied the charges.