February 18, 2019

Comedian Dave Chappelle Personally Delivers Tickets to Fans who was scam on Craigslist for $500

Comedian Dave Chappelle P...

Securing tickets on Craigslist is, as a general rule, a difficult assignment. Try not to do it. Unfortunately, a North Carolina couple got hoodwinked out of several dollars doing precisely that with an end goal to get an apparently magnificent set from Dave Chappelle.

Deidra and Eddie Dickens of Charlotte are gigantic Chappelle fans, so when she got an expression of his Feb. 14 set at the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center, she chose to get tickets as Valentine's Day blessing to her significant other. "They were seats one through four so those eventual incredible in light of the fact that I could put my better half in seat one toward the finish of a path and that sort of well done," Deidra told WBTV, taking note of that her significant other regularly utilizes a wheelchair in broad daylight.

Deidra paid $500 through Apple Pay "in compliance with common decency," an installment that was met with radio quietness. "You have no sympathy or goodness, or I don't have a clue, possibly no spirit," she said of the dealer, whose data has now been swung over to police.

Be that as it may, Deidra's Valentine's Day signal eventually demonstrated fruitful when Chappelle's group found out about this grievous hoodwinking

The acclaimed comic hand-conveyed tickets for the show to the couple Thursday, accepting the open door to visit with fans and convey a two-section message of knowledge.

"Somebody in my group called me, in reality the previous evening, and informed me regarding this circumstance and we thought it'd be enjoyable to do that for somebody for Valentine's Day," he said. "I didn't hope to be on the news doing it yet I'm happy, that is great. It's great that individuals know to dependably get your tickets from solid sources and accept each open door that is introduced to you to be thoughtful, particularly if it's something that is anything but difficult to do."