April 15, 2018

Coachella? No more like Beychella as Beyonce killed it

Coachella? No more like B...

Please let the whole house stand for her grace as we usher in the Queen. The hammer hits and now lets us all hail 'This saturday, I have seen it all'.

You remember those historically Black college or university tradition - From drumlines, Brass sections, Sorority jackets, baton twirlers, line pledges — resetting the desires for what a Coachella main event should resemble, seem like, and in particular, how one ought to perform. There's another standard, and it's for all intents and purposes difficult to satisfy.

Mama Ivy Blue, Beyoncé delivered a look-twice buy the CD show-stopping performance Saturday evening at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, and her fans could hardly contain themselves and when yous ay fans it includes the whole house here. She performed hits after hits including “Crazy in Love,” “Formation,” “Flawless,” and “Partition,” we also saw the re-formation if you want to call it that or the reunite Destiny’s Child complete with coordinated camouflage bodysuits, to perform a medley of their biggest hits including, of course, “Soldier.” and 4:44 hubby JAY-Z for added firepower. At one point in her set, DJ Khaled declared that the festival should be renamed “Beychella.” We agree Khaled!

Whether in the crowd or watching the livestream, Queen Bey’s subjects quickly flooded social media with praise, appreciation, and bewilderment.

At the point when gossipy tidbits that she was spending madly extend periods of time in practices with several artists surfaced in front of the celebration, it appeared like a prime case of something that just couldn't be valid. But — again — in light of the fact that it was Beyonce, it appeared, if not sensible, fathomable, or attainable, it in any event appeared to be conceivable. The previous evening, she turned up without the several theorized artists and rather, expedited a full HBCU walking band for a homecoming, hip-bounce history lesson that won't soon be overlooked by anybody in participation.