March 3, 2019

After Yeezy Success, Kanye West eyes more decisive creative role at Adidas

After Yeezy Success, Kany...

Kanye West has his sights set on getting to be an innovative chief and creative director at sportswear giant Adidas.  The rap star uncovers he is attempting to have more state on the corporate side at the footwear mammoth.  

The rapper has been working with brand managers for right around six years and trusts the best employment should as of now be his, gratitude to the accomplishment of his Yeezy shoes and different things he has conveyed to the table.  

In another meeting with Interview magazine, Kanye uncovers he has been "battling" for the inventive originator title at Adidas for quite a while.  

"It's intriguing to me when you get these circumstances, since, similar to, I've been battling and battling and contending and talking and having a great many conversations about being the inventive chief of Adidas," he tells Oliver. "It's simply f##king self-evident, right?"  

West turned into a genuine Adidas sweetheart when his first Yeezy shoe dropped in February, 2015.