April 18, 2019

A Beyoncé film 'Homecoming' arrives with a surprise album and a new song

Her vibe is strong. 

Having been trending for hours on Twitter today, a Netflix film that narrates the Queen of pop's, Beyonce, Cochella performances 'Homecoming' is a shock as not many was expecting a full album to accompany the creative work.

It's an energetic and mindful narrative, a festival of darkness, womanhood and an unapologetic tribute to verifiably black/dark schools and colleges.

In any case, one great minute is never enough for the Houston local. She likewise dropped an unexpected live collection of 40 tracks chronicling her Coachella execution, from "Insane in Love" and "Segment" to a Destiny's Child get-together.

In any case, that is not all. The collection likewise incorporates two beforehand unreleased studio tracks.

"Before I Let Go" moves over the doc's end credits and is a redo of a 1981 tune from Maze including Frankie Beverly. It's a blissful track with a retro beat and booming horns.