March 3, 2019

2 Chainz's 'Rap or Go to the League' almost featured Kanye West

2 Chainz's 'Rap or Go to ...

The best Art is outside the museum and 2 Chainz latest Album Rap or Go to the League Album is one. To give us a behind the scenes story on how the venture came up, 2 Chainz collaborated with Apple Music. Tity Boi had welcomed cameras into a unique session with Lakers star LeBron James, who likewise filled in as ROGTTL's A&R.  

LeBron was recorded tuning in to key tracks that would inevitably show up on the collection, while 2 Chainz gave some discourse on the cuts, talking on everything from the motivation to samples to individual messages to tests.  

One of the features of the BTS video was when 2 Chainz played "Momma I Hit a Lick" highlighting Kendrick Lamar. The craftsman revealed to LeBron he had been chipping away at the record for a moment, as he experienced difficulty finding the correct snare and hook.  

"Initially, Pharrell did the beat, and he had a snare on it, and I ain't care for the snare," 2 Chainz said in the video. "Thus Kendrick did another snare on it at first and I didn't generally like the snare."  

He proceeded: "At that point I took it and went to Kanye's the point at which he wasn't rapping. I played ['I'm Not Crazy, Life Is'] ... At that point I played this and he began rapping. When he began rapping Nolan [Presley] took his section and made it a snare. We was cool with it. He was cool with it. Kendrick enjoyed it."  

It appeared as if 'Ye would get an element credit on ROGTTL, yet then he purportedly had a difference in heart.  

"Kanye would not like to be on it, so I took him off. And after that he needed—I ain't returning back to that," 2 Chainz said.  

It was starting over from the beginning. 2 Chainz said he proceeded to work with different rappers, including Travis Scott and Swae Lee, to make a tasteful snare. In any case, he they endeavors weren't fruitful. Along these lines, he and K. Speck chose to lock in and do it without anyone's help.  

"I realize individuals expect a specific thing when they see it on paper: me including Kendrick Lamar or whatever," 2 Chainz told LeBron, "so it ought to have some sort of 'goodness' to it."  

You can watch the session now only on Apple Music.