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Campaigns Video Pre-Rolls

Perfect Fit your political campaigns or Events

Our team in house works with your company or brands to create advance media to catch viewers attention. With the ability to reach a wider audience, the Entertale slate ensure your brand is top on Users mind.

Burst Slate

Want to create more awareness fro your brand?

The Entertale Slate maximizes your brand and its awareness among Talers with high-impact targeted media by geographic location, content, genre and more.

Banner Rush

Stay in the mind of Entertale Users

This allow advertisers the unique opportunity to intercept nearly every viewer while having a high impact for 24 hours or more.

Season Blitz

Every season celebration there is always huge content consumption and engaement is high. During this season, Entertale aligns your brand with best Trends or streaming on the site.

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At Entertale, we believe in Our long standing vision to blur the barriers between our clients and their audience globally through premium content.

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