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We are the #1 Get-in-the-moment TV platform for cultural diasporas and millenials around the world . Make an impression on a huge audience with the most engaging ad formats.

18 - 55

Our viewers are decision makers and mellinials within a wide age brackets

4 Continents

True Diversity
North America, Africa, Europe, South America


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Wider & Precise Targeting

The Thin Line between TV and your Audience

Entertale is the new media playbook. We provide users with a premium destination for streaming Live TV, movies, sports, news, and cant miss events – all in one place.

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Dynamic & Engaging Experience.

Now its even - Entertale gives advertisers the ability to align their brands with premium originals video content and connect with highly engaged viewers..

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At Entertale, we believe in Our long standing vision to blur the barriers between our clients and their audience globally through premium content.

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